Funny Videos Of Labrador Dogs Compilation 2014 [NEW]

A labrador retriever makes a wonderful pet. Also labrador puppies are so cute. Labradors are awesome. Check out these funny and cute labrador dogs and puppies videos compilation.


jessica brown says:

I love my Labrador retriever puppy his name is rocky and I've noticed at times like in this video rocky snores very loudly but its so cute

Mz Fitz says:

Labs are the best! I miss having one so much

sarah pearson says:

Lol anybody else here moaning in the background at 00:45

Navoda Rathnayake says:

Reminds me of my lab Lexie girl. No matter what labs always fun loving ones and BIG DOGS WITH BIG HEARTS. Best Companions ever!!!!!!!!

All About Dogs says:

All About Retriever (Golden) | Золотистый ретривер | 골든 리트리버  for you

Miguelina Bocanegra says:

Me encanta mucho los animales yo tengo un miñatur pincher

Abbyvet Aj 0 says:


Joe Schmo says:

I was feeling pretty shitty, until I came upon this video..Cheered me right up!

Darky Hunter says:

1:18 made me laugh so much xD haha

Matthew B says:

I think the one were the guy was feeding the dog would be one of the best videos on youtube if that lady didn't do that irritating laughing.

Team Narwhal (Govy) says:

My dog does the first one all the time.

Kylie Hull says:

1:09 Reminds me of my dad

Sonny Edwards says:


『ShiApexil』 says:

2nd one my dog does that aaalllllll the time

jessie james says:

their babies are just so cute!

Venki Kiven says:

wow that snore ! 

DrawingWithChris says:

😀 hahaha i love them 

Charlie Alcorn says:

1:47 In Soviet Russia, pussy licks you!

Itstephaniesthing (Itstephanie'sthing.) says:

what is the background music at end's title ? thanks 

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