Funny Guilty Dogs Compilation 2013 [HD]

These dogs know they have done something wrong, and they don’t make a good case for their innocence. There is no mistaking the “I did it” face, or the “please forgive me” roll over.

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Featured in a recent Shaytard Vlog:
Daddy Dog Pile –
The whole family watching at 8:25 =D Thanks Shaycarl and Shaytard Family!

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Pluto 47 says:

I wish my dog wouldn't try to eat EVERYTHING

Pluto 47 says:


Jenna Herkert says:

The Elmo chair one was my favorite!!

neme mann says:







Miss_Katie_Divine says:

the dog's are so cute 😍😚😘😙😍😚😍😚😍😍

Augustino Aukusotino says:

Owner: Did you do this

Dog: Ask your Mum

Eric Cartman says:

Dogs: Oops, I'm in trouble. Mind as well show my ding-a-ling

Agustin Molini says:

THE LAST ONE WAS IT tipitoing.

rodney faloney says:

what u do Elmo chair

Klárika Hrošíková says:

The black dog looks more guilty, I think it was him! 😀 00:57

Klárika Hrošíková says:

0:29 she looked more like excited XD

PuroYO says:

Good dog, keep eating shoes, those things are terrible for the feet anyway.

Alex T says:

A lot of these people have shitfits over nothing. Dogs will eat your shit, and that's a fact of life. But rubbing it in their faces doesn't help, either. A swift bop on the head will suffice, because it's not only faster and easier, but sends the same message, and no it's not cruel. If you can't handle a dog, why the fuck do you have one?

Shawn Figol says:

Did you do this I don't know do you think they speak English

gherrera8989 says:

Too cute I swear

Laura BAUER says:

hahahaha all the dogs are getting in trouble!

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