Funny dogs and babies talking – Cute dog & baby compilation

Here’s a compilation of dogs and babies having some kind of conversations. Isn’t it cute when dogs or puppies and babies try to talk and communicate 😉 Hope you like our compilation, please share it and SUBSCRIBE! Watch also our other videos!

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saytown2 says:

I don't know about you guys but I think that dog at 2:34 is crying for dale

Rima Gaikwad says:

funniest thing ever in the world I just luvv dogs

lets beat says:

so freaking cute!!! >///////<

Nara Narsing says:


Yeremia Christian says:


Echo Hotel says:

OMG so cute talking in baby and dog language

Marcos Torres says:

que lindos

Margit Ostrop says:

Superschön. Habe selbst einen Hund

Margit Ostrop says:

Superschön. Habe selbst einen Hund

I Like that | Vlog says:

awww this is so cute! check out my version 'a cat, a dog and a baby' on my channel :)

Kisha Go says:

dogs like saying to the baby is like
Dog: *howling like a wolf* dont cry baby im here
Baby: *shutting hes/shes mouth*

babserella2778 says:

I love how the dogs generally regard baby cries as howling and return the noise. But I REALLY love the ones where the wee ones are laughing and the dogs are playful in response.

Donna Peroche says:

its all fun and games until a dog attacks a baby

wanwanwanwanwanwable says:


Arty Miss says:

The first one was Ariana as a baby lol

Nikola Micanovic says:

pogledajte te divne zivotinje

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