Funny cats and dogs begging for food – Cute animal compilation

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Some cats and dog’s are really funny when they are begging for food. Just look what they do to get something to eat 😉 Hope you like our compilation, please share it and SUBSCRIBE! Watch also our other videos!

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Ginman says:

What is the shit with that annoying games advertisement cant we just have a moment of peace ? i downgraded you shitty vid.

Lukas Pesl says:

So dogs and cats beg from man and people beg from God. So we are all one family good :)). And yes it is interesting they beg same way

Erica Valles says:

Thats cute but dont make them beg like that

Alina Yang says:

A www did they do that on there own

Sweet Sweet says:

Awwwww so CUTE!!!!

marviana wilson says:

gangman style aaaaaaaaaaaa sexylady

TheXXP0WNXx says:

That poor put made me cry :(

Wall Flower says:

THIS SO CUTE!!!!!❤️💕😘😍

Ghousia Najma says:

awwww so cute

Agate Cirkse says:


adi nenu says:

maybe they just want to masturbate

Phương Nam Nguyễn says:


Funny Cat! says:

That's really cute,

Zyler Old says:

What type of dog is that at 1:00 ??? What breed

Try Being says:

how cute give the poor pup their FOOD

Mr.Random says:

Ok, that lady made her cat fat so she can't blame it on the cat.

Macoushla Mae L. Secuya says:

omg they are all doin thaat particular action SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Masanobu Nishimura says:


Wolf King says:

It's not cute#hater alert

Emma Oestreich says:

its cuter when dogs do it

COD Slayer says:

0:28 my dog does that

MemoryLetsPlays# says:


Mockingbird Inc. says:

Aw!! Adorable!!

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