Dogs just don’t want to bath – Funny dog bathing compilation

If u ask a dog;
Walk? D: Yea!
Cookie? D: Nom nom…
Cuddle? D: Sure!
Bath? Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu….

Here’s a funny compilation about dogs and their bathing. Most of them hate to bath but there are also some that really enjoy it:P Please like it and SUBSCRIBE!!!


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steve jaeger says:

this are funny

Jonas Burg says:

das ist nicht witzig sondern tirquelerei

Ivan The Gamer says:

0:55 Digging water XD

Harvey Hewitt says:

Guy at 4:20 looks like Brock lesnar xD

marysia puczydlowski says:

класс я тоже так хачу можно мне собаку.ф

Emily Garza says:

Funny hahahahahaha

Kelise Major says:

they are you cute

Kate R. says:

these are great!  one thing though, I would never want my dog to growl, snarl, or snap at me.  It is dangerous for one thing, and indicates the dog thinks he is in charge.  you don't want to be the omega dog to your alpha dog.

Sullie ann Fontanez says:

01:41 he loves baths

Madison Ward says:


Maria Perales says:

too cute

Irina Khorosheva says:


Irene Ibarra says:

that is true

Socksy Cat says:

I clean myself

Funny Dog says:

I'm finally giving in and watching it

Blade1301 says:

I've had 6 dogs throughout my life, a wolf mix and a german shepard among them. and not one has been the least aggresive towards me. Do they put up a fight when you do something they don't like, like putting them on a leash, or in this case taking a bath? of course, but that doesn't mean they'll be aggresive UNLESS you let them. Mine were more often than not like the dog @ 0:35 the half wolf did that a lot, only she was belly up. 1:03 happened a few times, but that was only with people they didn't fully trust. oh btw, the dog @ 1:50 is most likely reacting to the voice, rather than "bath"

Legacy Quad-Shotz says:


Athen Miller says:

HAHAHAHAHA 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

Hannah The Pug x says:

U Copied Someone's Video 😑

Maximilian Maurer says:

2:22 thats a very ugly dog

Jazlyn hinojosa says:


Jazlyn hinojosa says:

I think that dogs don't like to take baths

Senuka Scott says:

1:01, he looks human

Urnaa Vladimir says:

lol hahahahahaha jajajajajajaja

Mike Malka says:

some actually do

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