Dog Afraid of “You Shall Not Pass” Cat | Furry Gandalf

This “You Shall Not Pass” cat intimidates one of the family dogs who is too afraid to try to get by! This poor golden retriever just wants to get down, but he needs a little help from his friend before he can do so! Original Link:

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Jon Focker says:

the dog looks like gandalf. cute vid

Taylor Kirkland says:

the German Shepard got mad and was like "if you don't get yo scared ass down these stairs…she supposed to be scared of YOU" 😂😂😂😅

Michael Dodd says:

That dog is the cat's bitch!

Phoenix Hoshika says:

Fin > Cat > Bow

123melatonin says:

People pull on their dog's collar and leashes all the time stop saying the kid hurt the dog

Katieboo802 says:

awww its not chicken its just scared poor thing

thedelta445 says:

the video was cute and funny until that kid pulled the dog like that,, that was retarded

blazeleo84 says:

Un buon esercizio rovinato per colpa di un bambino.. bah

StickFiguresMaster says:

those stairs are awful, the fact that dogs don't like going past cats that are on stairs, in their way is beyond me, I was pretty sure "mans best friend" was also best friends to that of a cat, but whats mean that the cat could and would do is wave their paws at the dog when their about to successfully pass by them and their thinking to themselves from the beginning "thats my brother, hes such a pussy, and I'm a cat so I should know whats a pussy" but that all changes right after passing by the cat is that moment of thinking that the cat now became like the drill instructor from full metal jacket.

BasePuma4007 says:

LOL that other dog is squaring up to the cat

Kawarama Senju says:


Ryan _ says:

The poor doggy when the boy pulled him down but the dog was afraid but ok

Cameron Ferguson says:

wow mean while the dog is scared fs get a grip

Gabby Moreau says:

That cat was like nigga if u dont pass I'm either going to hiss at u or IMA fight yo ass u lucky ur brother helped yo asss
Me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 poor doggy getting abused by the cat and the son sadddd


he bugged

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