Denver Official Guilty Dog Video

Someone helped themselves to the kitty Cat treats! Let’s see who cracks under pressure?

Denver’s Children Books:


Guilty T-Shirts:


miguel frias says:

Cmon let him out I mean he isn't in charge and I think their should be three strikes until the kennel huh the horror

rob73146 says:


Xrisoula Kasapantwniou says:

hey give me a break you yell at it …for aet cat's food??? lol..facepalm…you don't know when you have to yell at them right? to ruin your couch or something very usefull okey you have to do it …but to ruin a sheet..or eat cats food or eat your food…or destroy something uselesa..there's not a reason to yell at it…and stop doing this in front of camera…would you like if your mother would do this one day ..yella at you..and then apload it on youtube???

Joshua Pepper says:

sick vid

Sofia Valdivieso says:

This is soooo cute!

Tenorlyrico89 says:

At home we spoke a lot about Denver. We asked ourself, did he train his faces?
Or is he really ashamed?
Denver is cute.
But the owner is funny too, pretendeing his shock because of the missing kitty cats treats. xD

tronclay says:

Woody Harrelson has such a guilty dog!

131maynor says:

The sad song makes it sadder 😭

Tom Young says:

The music and the doggie's emotion ,hahahah

okkatie123 says:

ah God, the music just really completes this video 😂

Klv2500 says:

"You let it happen " 😂😂

shad bello says:

He looks high on cat treats

Michael C says:

Animal rights groups and dog abuse experts everywhere in the comment section lol

Andressa Lima says:


Marta Maria de Araujo says:


Alyson Bates says:

Denver is adorable and I LOVE Denver

Alex T says:

A long time ago there was a video of a Whippet that tore up a bed, the couch, knocked over the TV, ect. So this isn't that bad.

Joshua Garner says:

what the name of the back ground song smart dog it listen to my dont

Adam Schlachta says:

who is THIS mark u mean isac clarks marker

Adam Schlachta says:

this guy makes his dogs wear scarfs and sweaters fuck mark

Russel Bernardino says:

Your a fucking owner like if your agreeing with me

Zoran Mulovski says:


Guoda Martinaityte says:

My little sister does the same thing hihihi I am going to buy a t-shirt of Denver for her, she gonna look adorable, aww they are so cute! :3 I love dogs, and all the animals ^_^

Keen Williams says:

why'd he get on poor Macy though? "you let it happen" 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Thaddeus Griffin says:

This Video made me cry sobs

Toni Lorenzo says:

awesome dog!

Glenn Hudson says:

Put "Singing Dog does Duet" into youtube search (Real, not Fake)

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