Cute dogs waking up owners – Funny dog compilation

Watch how dogs want to wake up their owners because they want to play or eat or something. Aren’t they cute 😉 Hope you like our compilation about cute puppies and kitties, please share it and SUBSCRIBE! Watch also our other videos!

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Sharon Miller says:

Hey, when you got to go, you got to go.

saif aldhahry says:

The dogs want to weak up their owners, because they want food.

GashPlague says:

Nothing says 'get up and start the day' like getting slapped in the face with the ol' floppy dog junk.

Paqui & Glamour says:

Y love dog

Victor Reyes says:

The first one was funny!

Brasilian American says:

out of all the ways to get abruptly woken up, this is the best.

Sarah Jo says:

This is so cute! I always sleep with my dog and he's really lazy in the morning so he doesn't even bother to wake me up haha. If he actually does want me to wake up he just licks my face or sits on me lol.

Mohamed Ahmed says:


Socksy Cat says:

The dogs are like it's CHRISTMAS

Pennelope J says:

using a laser doesn't count


good like everyone

robot zombie says:

hey where's my breakfast?

Girlsjustwannahavefun ! says:

Love you

pravin singh says:

dogs are the best companion

kratombuyer dotcom (kratombuyerdotcom) says:


Angie Escareno says:

@4:07 all cute!!!

zane brown says:

the husky wanted to be on worldstar xD

Kurt Miller says:

ya that sucks

Jerome Udtohan says:

I really hate waking up early especially the way our golden retriever wakes me up:he would lick me and walk on top of me and he is really heavy

Karla Naranjo says:


Na Na says:

This was the cutest thing thank you soooooo much I love this!!!! Brightened my day.

Camomoonpie says:

my dog throws up to wake me up (he's fine vet said he's not sick tho)

missybyul says:

Dog lovers unite! Help stop Yulin, China from their annual dog meat festival!! please sign the petition and share, any support would be awesome..

iXp PlayerOo says:

awww <3

Kool Style K's says:

I have a Pekingese Puppy named Scrunchie , He wakes me up by Licking My Face !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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