Cats vs Dogs Compilation 2014

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Deborah Woodson says:

i think there
both cute

Sam Osborn says:

dogs mad cats sad

Sam Osborn says:

cats so chill

cassim kadarkhan says:

go cats they remember anything but dogs no way so cats rule
and kittens

Priska Arista Windiasti says:

cat is so naughty 😼

Jacob Wilson says:

cats are angry bitches dogs are loyal and strong

SheIsntReal94 says:

that first one is just cruel :(

Leon Mac says:

Might contradict myself here seen as my profile pic is of a dog (wolf) but without a doubt i prefer cats to dogs, I've had a total of 6 cats growing up as appose to just the 1 dog I've had and their a lot more independent than dogs are cats, we can just leave them to get on with whatever they desire. Dogs require way too much dedication and time from the owner i personally just can't handle it, having a dog for me is a nightmare, i don't want my Sky remote chewed up so much it's unrecognizable along with my chair and sofa ragged to death so the foam shows, nor do i want to see another dog dragging it's ass along the carpet, going back to smell it's muck or vomit, maybe it was my fault considering it wasn't well trained. Point is, you really have to set time aside for dogs, it's something i cannot do unfortunately, cats entertain themselves and yes cats are loyal they just have a different way of showing it, after all they do bring you a meal to share with them – a tasty mouse or bird lol. But tbh there's no comparison i love all animals and especially dogs, i just couldn't cope with another one in the house.

Dzeividz says:

5:04 who's da boss here?

Jordan Kim says:

0:16 the cat be like: "I fucking dare you bitch… Try me… I dare you."

Bai Cando says:

dhbvyhgdsdcxsr njgcv xhbvc b fv. cg. chj. vyh. bnvhusehe4ycbmgr7gch

莊聖揚 says:

2:33 I love this carpet… wait….who is smelling my butt…WHAT THE FUCK!!!

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