Cats and dogs meeting babies for the first time – Cute animal compilation

It’s so cute when cats and dogs meet babies for the first time, isn’t it?
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Retro80Lady30 says:

The animals are curious about why the baby is not moving. They are saying human babies just sit there our babies are squirming all over the place. They licked the baby to make sure they were still alive. That other cat got scared when the baby moved. The cat was saying I thought you were dead. I'am kidding the animals are happy for their arrival to.

Booper Dooper says:

1:26 The cat is like "W-what is that? OH GOD IT MOVED! Just back up…back up….. It…it talks? This is too spooky. I'm outta here!"

Bright Tete says:

This video Made me cry a little

Spirit Wolfy AJ says:

This is kinda sad, those babies playing with their pets, then their friend dies when they become kids. Kinda sad…

mangle101 fan says:

am I the only one who cried?

jewel jammer says:

touched my heart :')

Bone GRL05 says:

this is so cute I am dieing

Victoria Vasquez says:

ugly baby at 2:10

Marsya Iwani says:

Why does everyone making fun of the cats??

apiece ofdirt says:

I love cats. And dogs. But more so cats. However I would be less inclined to let kitty inspect baby unless there was some kind of barrier between the two. Kitties are just to unpredictable. A dog will typically give you a sign if they are in an uncomfortable situation. A cat however, will swat and scratch you in the blink of an eye and be rubbing up against you a split second later want loved on.

domonique watkins says:

I like it but I dot like the cats

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