breyer dog music video CANNIBAL!


Samanta10 Palacios says:

i l'ove

Breyerhpgal1jumper says:

You will not believe how many times I watch this… Last year I got half of my homeroom at school singing this! :-)

Arctic wolf one with wolves says:

I watched this so many times

survivor dog123 says:

really cool shot in the sun

bubblegumlover Aj says:

I really think you are great 

horseseatwaffles says:

I just bought the black lab and it was the last one on eBay!! That didn't cost $60!!! 

ShowHorsey 88 says:

XD love this song!!!

Breyerobession101 says:

This song is morbid but this dog music video is AMAZING!!! I love it 😀 :):):)

xJoilee Breyer::.123x says:

this song is creepy…

Hazel Mistheart says:


tjhorselove says:

thank you 🙂

Mary Hicks says:

I love your videos

LastLightStudios says:


wolf hicks says:

I love this song to

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