Baby’s first crawl with her dog… what a cute ending!

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Our little girl crawls for the first time on video but what happened next melted our hearts! Labs are the best family dog ever!*

*Please note this is our very affectionate 8-1/2 years old female Chocolate Lab. She is advanced obedience trained, has been enthralled with people (children & adults) her entire life, and always follows a multitude of voice commands. We’ve had our dog since she was 10 weeks old – she is active, healthy, neither possessive nor guarding, nurtured/loved every day, and as a result is a very well-adjusted family canine. Nevertheless, as responsible parents, we researched, spent months acclimating both the baby and the dog together prior to this special moment, and we always have, and continue to closely supervise all interactions between our baby and lifelong family pet. We believe our dog to be a wonderful part of our child’s young development (as you see here crawling early!) but advise all parents to do to their fact-finding research, consult professionals with any questions or concerns, and always follow the advice of the experts (pediatricians, veterinarians, and certified dog trainers) before placing a child and dog together in any scenario in or outside the home. Thank you all so much for your sincere and wonderful support! With our Warmest Regards:)


Ngaming1 IMO says:

this has 16m views da fuο»Ώ

Ellie Keegan says:

crawling for dog ,AHHHHHHHο»Ώ

Mary Gamino says:

So cute ! Labs are the greatest dogs !ο»Ώ

irma f says:

huh? I don't get it.ο»Ώ

LACat007 says:

Am I a bad person? The first thing came to my mind was… ew….ο»Ώ

Paul Castro says:

skip ahead to the 0:55 mark. won't miss muchο»Ώ

Ngaming1 IMO says:

this is cute but haven't you noticed the dogs eyes are creepy…ο»Ώ

Sarita McGhee says:

Absolutely adorable.ο»Ώ

Qurnice Mitchell says:


Mama Luigi says:


Dillens Funnn Timez says:

that could not get eny cuterο»Ώ

Buffy Buffers (Poetic Seasons) says:

Dogs are our best friends:) Love is the only language in common world wide, no matter the species or if they want to learn to speak it or not!!!! Lovely video!!!!.ο»Ώ

Riza hariati says:

Cute, but I jump to the dog licking baby part after 10 sο»Ώ

Sarah Li says:

I thought the dog is unreal at the beganning bc he wasnt moving for a whileπŸ˜‚ο»Ώ

Rebekah Armstrong says:

To those who bring attention to the fact that the dog is wagging it's tail as a sign that it is friendly I would say that tail wagging is not always a sign of friendliness. It is a sign of extreme emotion that can be either good or not so good. I have seen dogs who are anxious or even angry wag their tails. It is, however, very obvious that this dog is one who can be trusted with the newest member of the family. LOVE THIS VIDEO!ο»Ώ

Tommy Sandal says:

There's to many fucking retards in this comment section that think animals are dangerous, There ANGELS compared to how dangerous the human race is. This dog'd never fucking violent the baby. If you could read dogs body language youd know that. Ok these fucktard need to shut the fuck up about thes.ο»Ώ

Tommy Sandal says:

Samantha Derrick you shut the fuck up little cocksucker. Dogs aren't fucking filthy you goddamn retard. Like fuck off. People need to fucking get smart and realize that we're probably worse than them.ο»Ώ

Tommy Sandal says:

OMG THIS MELTED MY HEART <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 but like seriously I was just on Twitter watching this vid I would never guessed that it had THIS many views LOLο»Ώ

Ktawesome says:

Oh my goodness! So cute!!!!!!!!ο»Ώ

Wheezy T says:

They are lucky it turned out well, the lip licking by the dog shows it was nervous, to even allow it while the dog has it's bone (toy) in front of it is a crazy risk with a baby not matter how good the dog isο»Ώ

swar chandan says:

i can die in peace now .. thank youο»Ώ

Harry Nicholson says:

Priceless! Ty for that!ο»Ώ

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