13 stupid dog.

13 stupid dog.Funny video.
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Philippe Richard says:


Jolo says:

Number 12 was frekin smart yo!

Margaret Cuell says:

the second last one tho

Dubstep City7 (DUBSTEP CITY) says:

awww!! he put out the water hose so he could play xD HOW CUTE!!

Hey_It's_Ella says:

the first one's foot had a mind of it's own

FantasyPug AJ says:

2,000th subscriber :)

Cynthia Beers says:

there cute and funny

Cynthia Beers says:

this aren't stuioed

Beckett Zidel says:


Brionna Readus says:


Brionna Readus says:

I think they're cute

Sarah Espinoza says:

"13 stupid dog" oh the irony 😂

Lunabiology says:

Number 1 + 5: This behavior is caused by lack of socialisation to other dogs and humans, because they spend all their life chained up. These dogs are bored, they can interact only with themselves or thngs around them.
Number 2 + 6-9 + 11 +13: obcesive/ neurotic dog behavior 
-> The first English cocker spaniel of my aunt was constantly barking, when she was driving with him in her car.
-> Number 6 was shown on 1 episode on The Dog Whisperer.

BruhItsJainaba XD says:

I don't know why 6 was so funny to me 😂

Diane Angel says:

I hate u dogs ain't stupid they are funny and cute

James Blade says:

dog #12 was not that stupid i believe

llGhost Wolfll says:

Caution a bunch of pussies below turn back

lefrani rambing says:


woolfteen Trimeris says:

There not stupid

Titus Elbow says:

most of these pups i feel really bad for :(

NO_MultiKulti says:

Retards dog.

Thodoris Akritidis says:

N8 was not stupid someone was pointing a laser at him and he was chasing it

Wagner M.S. says:

that dog looking to the shadow is not idiot, but the others….

Victoria Kalberg says:

The first one was too funny

pancake fox says:

they are not stupid at all they are just sill

redrose9350 says:

Compulsive behaviour in some of these! A few exhibit other psychological issues! No stupidity here! These dogs need help!

Jasmine Nemu says:

N12 wasn't very stupid, I think it was pretty smart to know how to pose the water

Parker says:

Number 12 needed a drink of water.

Tiff Pin says:

bcgroi of course dogs are clever and NOT stupid

Melody Tapia says:

i laughed so hard i cried alot😂😅😆

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